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Greetings, hugs, kisses, these words are written on postcards of the past. The cards have led to us not only words and phrases unknown persons, but also the hopes and dreams of a generation that grew up under the pressure of the progress of the nineteenth century. Overcome historical conflicts and events, postcards for years remained in cellars and on the shelves of markets waiting for someone to back in time.



The year was ...


The city from the early twentieth century. A step back in time, looking postcards that tell our story. Curiosity and fascination for times gone by ...



An early postcards commercial in the twenties, served for companies to communicate with wholesalers and place orders for goods and other inherent in the activity.

 A nice discovery


Accidentally discovered a handwritten postcard of the poet Lucio Piccolo, sent a few years before his death, his friend Francesco Agnello.



Full text of a letter dated 1865 and sent from Palermo with Ficarra postmarked Brolo addressed to Baron Casimiro Piccolo.

Historical Cities, villages, hamlets, Marine and Ports of Messina

in .pdf format


by Antonino Saporito


cards to identify

Tindari ... than once  See

The cards with pictures of the old Shrine of the Black Madonna of Tindari.

 Countries of the Nebrodi  See

A series of images taken from vintage postcards Nebrodi countries.

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28 december 1908  See

A hundred years after the earthquake of Messina, a series of postcards with images of the time of the disaster.

A collection of  '900  See

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 Greetings from Mistretta


Vintage postcards  1900-1950
A book by Mariano Basć